Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of the Dryer Stand?

The Dryer Stand has been designed to free up space in your laundry, by securely holding your dryer above the washing machine.

Do I need to mount the Dryer Stand to the wall?

Not at all! The Dryer Stand is free-standing and designed for renters and homeowners who are unable to, or do not want to, drill holes in the wall for mounting brackets.

Does the dryer stand fit any size washing machine?

The Dryer Stand has been designed to fit around any domestic washing machine and can accommodate the height and width required. It also features adjustable feet for uneven laundry floors.

What is the Dryer Stand made from?

The Dryer Stand is Australian engineered and designed, and is made from durable mild steel which is rustproof and powder-coated to complement your existing white goods.

How much weight can the Dryer Stand hold?

The Dryer stand adjustable can hold up to a maximum of 75kg or (the average domestic dryer weighs between 15-30kg when empty). It is capable of holding a condenser clothes dryer.
The Maxi stand can hold up to 100kgs and capable of holding a heat pump and other tumble dryers.

My clothes dryer is a little wider and longer than your top shelf on your dryerstand is that ok?

If your clothes dryer happens to be a little larger than the Dryer Stand & Dryer Stand Maxi Shelf, The Dryer Stand’s sturdy design will allow for a 20cm overhang on all 4 sides without compromise.

Does the Dryer Stand comply with Australian standards?

Absolutely. The Dryer Stand has successfully passed stress and load testing conducted by a SGS.

Do I have to assemble the Dryer Stand?

Yes, but don’t worry, it’s easy! The Dryer Stand is conveniently packaged in a flat-pack box which includes easy to follow assembly instructions. You can also view our assembly video for step-by-step instructions.

Does the Dryer Stand come with a warranty?

Yes, the Dryer Stand comes with our 2 Year manufacturer’s warranty for peace of mind. For more information, see our Warranty Policy.

Can I inspect or pick up the Dryer Stand myself?

Yes, pick up is available from Pemulwuy. If you would like to inspect the Dryer Stand and pick up your order, please contact us on 0431 111 112.

Can I pay via direct deposit or cash on pick up?

Yes, for alternative payment options including direct deposit and cash on pick up, please contact us on 0431 111 112 to arrange your order.

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